We import different types of quality fresh fruits and Vegetables from all over the world .

We reach our buyers and partners from all over Kuwait and Iraq (Basra, Baghdad, Karbala, and Kurdistan zone).

Our strength is the trust , transparency and reliability. We carefully select our suppliers and we pay regular visit throughout the year to ensure that we import the quality fruits and vegetables for the most competitive prices. Also we provide full service to our buyers and deliver Door to door with best quality.

We provide our suppliers with regular reports and update on local market explaining all main aspects like market and Political trends, Economy situation, Transportation ,Rules and Regulation.

We believe that Transparency is the key success for any business and we practice total transparency and openness in business functioning, customer and suppliers transactions. We also constantly think to create new ideas and concepts to fulfill and exceed the expectation of all stakeholders – Customers, Suppliers & Employees. We will continue improving our services and working hand in hand with our suppliers and clients.

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